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Muse Whispers

A low pressure drabble community.

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Muse whispers

A low pressure drabble community.

You've probably seen these communities before. Someone posts a word or picture daily that’s meant to inspire you to write a drabble/ficlet which you then post to community through a link or a comment. Every day, Monday through Saturday the mod will post a quote. If this gives you any inspiration to write a drabble, or create other fanwork, link it back to the post containing the quote via a comment.

You can do as many, or as few as you want. ^_^ Fanworks or Original, even memories.

The idea here is just to keep people writing, keep people working and thinking.

This community is YAOI/YURI/Het friendly. Write whatever wants to be written!

To try and keep it fun, I’m only having a couple of rules.

1) No flaming. I will ban anyone who flames because in their opinion someone is omgwrong!
2) If your fanwork contains images or scenes of an adult nature, give warnings. (I.e.: non work safe! Or this fic is not suitable for minors!)
3) The comment Must contain the following information in the subject line: the rating of the post, the pairing, and the fandom if applicable. (For example: M, SeiferxSquall, Final fantasy 8)

Other than that, have fun. I can be contacted at the_darksquall at yahoo.co.uk As drabbles in new fandoms are posted I'll add them to the interests. ^_^

oh, and pimp freely!